4 Ways To Troubleshoot A Malfunctioning Garage Door Opener

Posted by on Jun 20, 2016 in Uncategorized

Are you suddenly unable to use the opener to your garage door because nothing happens when the buttons are pushed? There are a few things that can be causing the problem that might only require a simple repair. Take a look at this article to learn about a few of the things that can cause a garage door opener to stop working as it should. 1. Broken Garage Door Sensors The garage door sensors are an important aspect when it comes to the opener being able to function. There is a sensor at the top of the opener that sends signals to the ones on the garage door. The sensors are located near the bottom of the garage door, and there is one on each side.  Both sensors must function to beam an infrared light towards each other to communicate with the motor on the door. It is possible that one or both of the sensors are damaged and need to be replaced, but the sensor on the opener can be damaged as well. 2. The Need for a New Opener It is possible that your garage door opener is simply worn out, especially if you have had it for many years. You can take the battery cover off and examine the inside for signs of rust. If the metal wires that the batteries touch are rusty, it is time to invest in a new opener. 3. An Accumulation of Dirt On the Sensors The only thing that might be preventing your garage door opener from working as it should is dirt. If the sensors on your garage door are in good shape, you can take a cloth and clean them off in case dirt is the problem. Put warm water and any household detergent on the cloth before wiping the sensors off. Make sure that no water is left on the sensors. 4. The Opener Must Be Reset Resetting a garage door opener is one of the things that might fix the problem. You must keep in mind that the sensors on your garage door will automatically stop working as a safety measure if something is under the door. Make sure nothing is under the garage door and reset the opener. Unplugging the garage door for a minute or so before plugging it back up should reset the opener. Contact a garage specialist if you are unable to fix the problem on your own. You can also find information by going to websites like this:...

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