Your Options When Replacing Your Garage Door Opener

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When it’s time to replace a worn out or noisy garage door opener, you don’t have to replace it with the same kind. You can select a quieter or faster opener to meet your needs. Here are the choices you’ll have when you’re ready to replace or upgrade your garage door opener.

The Basic Design of All Openers is the Same

Your garage door relies on high tension springs to counterbalance the heavy door. This is so a small electric motor can lift it and you can lift it manually in an emergency. All garage door openers rely on this design. The differences are in how the motor raises and lowers the door. While much of the garage door mechanism will stay the same, the garage door repair company may have to replace the central track that is used to lift the door to meet the needs of these different designs.

Standard Openers

The common design found in new home construction uses a motor attached to the center of the ceiling. A metal track extends away from the motor to the top of the garage door. Along this track runs an arm attached to the top of the garage door. The motor pulls this arm along the track to raise and lower the door. There are three different designs as to how the arm is moved along the track:

Chain Drive – This is the standard opener used by many homeowners. A metal chain, that looks like a bicycle chain, is used to move the arm on the garage door along the track. The chain runs around a gear on the electric motor and down through the track. Over time, the chain can develop some slack, making these openers noisy.

Belt Drive – Instead of a metal chain, these units use a rubber or fiberglass belt. This makes the garage door opener quieter, but the belts can stretch, requiring periodic replacement.

Screw Drive – This model uses a long screw to move the arm back and forth. As the screw turns in one direction or the other, the arm is pulled toward or pushed away from the motor. This model is a little noisier than the chain and belt models, but it will open and close the garage door faster.

Alternative Garage Door Opener Designs

Direct Drive – This design gets rid of chains, belts and screws by having the motor itself travel along the track. The motor is linked directly to the arm on top of the garage door. The motor then pulls itself and the door along the track to raise and lower the door. This is the most quiet design of all of the available models.

Jackshaft – This design completely gets rid of the central track. The motor is attached to the wall right next to the top of the garage door and off to the side. The motor turns a shaft that runs along the top of the garage door. This shaft uses a cable and pulley attached to the garage door to raise and lower it. This design is very quiet and a good choice when you have a low ceiling or no space on the ceiling to install a garage door opener.

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