Troubleshooting A Stubborn Garage Door

Posted by on Feb 8, 2016 in Uncategorized

You’re sitting in your car in the driveway and the garage door doesn’t respond to your remote control. The problem could be as simple as the batteries have died in the remote to a burned-out garage door opener motor. Here are some simple steps to troubleshooting common problems with garage doors. Remote Control Failure Take the remote control with you into the garage through the house. Try opening the garage door using the button on the wall inside of the garage. If the door opens, replace the batteries in the remote and try using it to open the garage door again. Electrical Power Problem If the garage door doesn’t respond at all to pressing the button on the wall, check that there is power going to the garage by turning on a light. If the light doesn’t come on, find the circuit box for the house and reset the breaker to the garage. If the light does come on, find the reset button on the back of the garage door opener motor and press it. Try opening the garage door again. Garage Door Spring Problem If you can hear the garage door motor working but the door doesn’t raise, look at the high tension springs running parallel and close to the ceiling. Both springs should be attached to a bracket on the ceiling at one end and the other end to a pulley and cable which runs to the top of the garage door. If one of the springs is broken or disconnected at either end, call a garage door company to repair the spring. Garage Door Jam If the springs and their connections are intact, look at the rollers on the edge of the garage door that run in the metal channel up to the ceiling and over the garage. Look for any rollers that have become lodged in the metal track and won’t move. Push the roller back into the track, if you can, and try the door again. If the metal channel is bent or twisted and not allowing the rollers to move through it smoothly, make a service call to a garage door company. Opener Failure If the power is on to the garage, you’ve reset the garage door motor but it still doesn’t respond, the motor may be bad and needs to be replaced by a service company. If the power is on and your can hear the motor try to lift the door and there are no jams or spring problems, the motor may also be bad. Pull the red emergency handle hanging down from the center of the ceiling to disconnect the garage door from the track and try to lift the door manually. If the door lifts smoothly, then the motor has failed and needs to be replaced. If you can’t lift the door manually, then there is another problem with...

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