Call A Garage Door Service Right Away Upon Noticing These Issues

Posted by on Jan 25, 2016 in Uncategorized

The safe operation of your garage door relies upon a number of moving parts operating properly; as soon as there’s even a small issue in one area, larger problems can arise and before long, your garage door is no longer safe to use. While you should always call a garage door repair service upon noticing that the door isn’t working properly for an unknown reason, there are other times that you’ll get a clear indicator that something is amiss. Between the time you call the repair person and his or her arrival, it’s best to avoid using the door to avoid further complications or even the risk of an injury. Here are three clear signs that repair work is needed. You Hear A Loud Bang A loud bang sound coming from your garage is typically an indicator that there’s been a failure of the heavy-duty spring that is positioned horizontally above the top of the door. Often, this sound is loud enough to be heard throughout your home. In some cases, the spring will look as it normally does, but it’s imperative for you to avoid using the door because doing so will lead to further complications. Don’t try to check the spring, either — you can easily hurt yourself severely. Instead, call your local garage door service, explain the issue you believe you’re facing and schedule a repair visit. Door Panels Aren’t Properly Stacked When closed, your garage door should be perfectly vertical with each of the rows of panels stacked in alignment. If you notice that the door has a sagging look and isn’t perfectly vertical, it’s an indication that the hinges that hold the panels together are not tight. Use of the garage door in this condition can lead to further vibration that can make one or more rows of panels fall off the door, leaving you with a major problem. A garage door repair person will be able to determine the exact reason for this appearance and get it fixed promptly. Door Is Hard To Operate If your garage door is manual and you suddenly find that you need more strength to open and close it, get a repair person to your home as soon as you can. This symptom can be the result of many different issues, including seized rollers or even a roller off its track. Continuing to pull on the door can make the problem worse, but an expert will find the cause of the stickiness and get it addressed. Contact a business, such as Spring King Garage Door Repair for more...

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