Need A New Garage Door? Know The 3 Different Types

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If your home’s garage door has broken, you will need to replace it with a new one. If you have not been too fond of your previous garage door, it is a great time to select a new style. These are 3 different garage door types that you can pick from, and by knowing the differences between them, you can decide on which one will be best for you. 1-Piece Garage Doors A 1-piece garage door is just like the name sounds. It is constructed with a single piece of solid steel or aluminum. When operating this kind of garage door, it swings outward, which requires a lot of clearance in front of the doorway. Closing is as simple as pulling straight down on the handle until it is flush with the opening. This kind of garage door can be non-insulated or insulated, and will be incredibly sturdy. The door is a solid material, so breaking through the door will be difficult if it is locked. Sectional Garage Doors A sectional garage door is very common in homes and constructed with multiple sections of aluminum or steel. Each section is attached to the others with hinges, and the door rolls up from a vertical to horizontal position when the door is opened. There are no issues with clearance space, so the door can be operated while a car is right next to the door. If you are worried about security, a steel door can be purchased in different gauges. Since the garage door is made in sections, it is also possible to repair individual panels without replacing the entire garage door if they were to become damaged or bent. Roll-Up Garage Doors A roll-up garage door is constructed with multiple slatted metal sections. It is often found in commercial settings, but it can also be used for residential homes. The door is stored inside a mechanism that uses a coil, which is comparable to roller blinds. The door rolls up into a box when it is open, and the box can be installed inside or outside the garage. A huge benefit to using a roll-up garage door is that it will free up the overhead space in your garage. Since the door rolls up into a container located next to the door, you do not have the door resting horizontally above the door when it is open. This will allow you to take advantage of more storage space in your garage. Now that you know the difference between there 3 types of garage doors, you can make an informed decision about the one you want for your garage. Talk to a company like Caspersen Garage Doors to learn...

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