Enhancing Energy Efficiency: Getting A Threshold Seal To Your Residential Garage Door

Posted by on Mar 5, 2015 in Uncategorized

With the cost of energy increasing, inefficiencies can lead to costly bills and energy wasted. Did you know that a new and energy efficient garage door can reduce overall energy loss by up to 71%? No matter how energy efficient your garage door is, the gap between the floor and the garage door still causes a lot of energy loss throughout the entire year. To solve this problem, install a threshold seal.

Installing the Threshold Seal

The threshold seal is installed to your garage floor in order to create a perfect seal between the floor and garage door — goodbye, air gap! Most experts recommend installing a adjustable height threshold to lower and raise the vinyl seal against the bottom of the garage door, which can compensate for door sag and all installation errors. Installing a threshold seal is relatively easy. Follow these steps:

  • clean and dry the area where the threshold seal is to be installed. 
  • slide the threshold seal under the gap of the garage door, and make an outline of where it should be to ensure a tight seal.
  • apply the recommended adhesion to the garage floor. You may even have to fasten the threshold seal in place with nails. Adhesion must be applied at temperatures above 40 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal effectiveness.
  • wipe away any left over adhesion.
  • keep the garage door closed for at least 24 hours. This continuous pressure will encourage the adhesive to form a tighter bond with the garage floor.

Additional Benefits That Can Be Reaped

You’ll be surprised at how much more energy efficient your garage door will be once the threshold seal has been installed. The cost of installing a threshold seal will seem minimal in comparison to the savings that you’ll enjoy from reducing energy loss. On top of improving the overall energy efficiency of the home, the threshold seal will also:

  • create a barrier against leaves, dirt, snow and water, which may ultimately seep into your garage and create a mess.
  • keep pests like insects and rodents out.
  • maintain the internal temperature of your garage. Have you ever noticed that your garage is the first place in the home to get cold during the winter months? If you love to work in the garage, installing a threshold seal will lead to a more comfortable garage environment.


Threshold seals can be applied to all types of garage doors regardless of their design or the type of materials that they are made from. They are easy to install, inexpensive and effective, making them a worthwhile investment for your home. If you would prefer to have yours professionally installed, however, then contact a company like Academy Door & Control Corporation.