How To Keep Your Mechanic Shop Warm This Winter

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If you are like many mechanics, you probably dread working in your cold shop during the winter months. Outdoor shops can get extremely cold, and it can be difficult and expensive to heat these types of structures. Luckily, there are ways that you can help keep it as warm as possible. Follow these tips so that you can stay more comfortable in your shop when the temperatures plunge. 1. Seal Your Garage Doors Or Install New Ones There is a good chance that your commercial garage doors are allowing a lot of cold air into your structure. Check the seals around your garage doors, and replace them if necessary. Also, consider using caulk to seal up any cracks that might be letting cold drafts in. If possible, you may also want to consider installing new garage doors on your mechanic shop. Newer garage doors are very energy efficient and are designed to keep cold air out when the door is shut. Although it will be a little bit of an investment, it could be worthwhile to keep your shop warm during the winter. Plus, new garage doors typically come with warranties and are designed to last, so you shouldn’t have to worry about making the change again any time soon. 2. Insulate Your Building Even metal buildings can be insulated, and even a little bit of insulation can help keep your building warm during the winter months. Consider installing fiberglass insulation, or look into spray foam options that will spray into even the smallest of cracks and crevices. 3. Keep Your Doors Shut If you run your mechanic shop like many people do, you probably leave your garage doors open for most of the day while you’re working. Although it might be convenient to be able to pull vehicles in and out of the shop without having to fuss with the doors, doing so will allow all of the cold air and wind into your shop. When the temperatures plunge, consider keeping your garage doors shut when they aren’t in use. Although it might be a bit of a hassle to have to open and close them throughout the day, it’s a small price to pay to protect yourself and your employees from the harsh wind and elements. Keeping a mechanic shop warm when it’s cold outside isn’t easy, but there are steps that you can take to make for more comfortable temperatures, such as keeping an eye on your commercial garage doors. Give these tips a try, and you’re sure to stay more comfortable this winter...

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Tips For Knowing When To Call A Garage Repair Technician

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When you have a garage door, you would like to think that it is always going to function with perfection and that you are never going to have to worry about it. The sad part is, that may not always be the case and you might not always be able to handle the repairs on your own. Take a moment to review the following tips so you have an easier time spotting garage door problems that should be handled by a professional. Springs Are Rusting The tension springs on a garage door are very dangerous if they are not handled properly. If you were to try to remove old rusty tension springs and you do not do everything perfectly, you might find yourself in a lot of trouble as the springs can snap and cause bodily harm. Therefore, this might just be one of those repairs that are best left to the professionals. The Rail Is Bent Even the smallest of bends in a garage door rail can cause the door to refrain from opening or closing properly. Since one of the last things you probably would want would be for the garage door to suddenly refuse to open so you can get your car out, you need to have this problem resolved as soon as possible. While you might think that you will be able to bang out the bent sections on your own, you might go a little too far with it and end up creating the worse problem. After all, you will want the professional technician to check out the rails to make sure that they can even be repaired instead of having to replace them. The Lock Is Broke Sure, you can continue to lift and close a garage door without a functioning lock. However, do you really want to run the risk of criminals being able to just walk right into your garage? If the lock is jammed or completely broken off, you will want to hire a professional garage door technician to replace it. This way, you will know that the replacement lock is the right one for your door and that it is being put in properly. With these things in mind, you should have no trouble figuring out whether it is time to call for professional help (such as those found through Lipe Brothers Garage Doors). After all, the last thing you want is to sit back and do nothing, as the condition of your garage door will only get...

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